Who are we?

For those not familiar with us, here are the highlights. All A-B Courses are written by Bill Gillespie who has taught all types of non-cropland pest control for over 20 years (see below). For more than 16 years A-B Courses have been the preeminent pest control correspondence courses in California. Both A-B Courses and Research Endeavors Co are owned by RECO Corporation.


Bill Gillespie
Bill Gillespie
  • BS Entomology – Texas A&M University.
  • MS Entomology – Purdue University
  • Medical Entomologist – US Army. 2 yrs.
  • Pesticide technical marketing – major pesticide producer, Chicago 3 yrs
  • Technical Director – pest control firms, Chicago / California 3 yrs
  • Navy Special Assistant for Pest Management for pest programs on all Navy/Marine Corps bases, Western United States. In charge of: chemical weed/brush control; mosquito abatement programs; aerial pesticide applications; structural, stored food, ornamental pest control; pest control contract specifications; classroom training-certification 135 pesticide applicators. Developed/implemented Navy/Marine Corps
pesticide use reporting system for outleased land for State of California. Originator/developer formal pest management/IPM plans now required on all military installations throughout the United States. 16 yrs.
  • Editor-Publisher, Pest Control Letter, an authoritative monthly news/advisory report on technical regulatory developments affecting structural pest control. 5 yrs.
  • Past-President of recognized honorary fraternity of structural pest control industry leaders, researchers, regulators, and university faculty.
  • Knows bee, queen, and honey production, & bee removal from structures (from age 7-19 in father’s commercial beekeeping business)
  • Author-instructor, Structural Board-approved pest control courses. 15 yrs.
  • Lifetime credentialed instructor, California Community College System.

Our Office, nicknamed the Dungeon


Do you remember this place when you were packed in here taking your classroom
pre-operator or field rep license preparation seminar in the 1980’s or 1990’s?

This is where your correspondence courses are graded and packaged today.